The Finance Department of the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)has been identified by the Government of Jordan to serve as the Fiscal Agent to MCA-Jordan. The role of the Fiscal Agent is to serve as an independent entity providing financial management services for the benefit of the MCA-Jordan. For more information on the Finance Department of WAJ, you can visit its website at


The Fiscal Agent acts on behalf of MCA-Jordan to provide a broad range of financial management services that are required by MCA-Jordan to implement the activities funded by MCC under the 609(g) Agreement and the Compact. In this capacity, the Fiscal Agent oversee, discharge, and perform diligently all services necessary to ensure that all financial management activities are conducted in strict compliance with the principles,rules, and procedures set out in the 609(g) Agreement, the Compact and any Supplemental Agreements as defined in the Compact.





The Fiscal Agent function consists of a group of financial management specialists headed by the Director of the Finance Department in WAJ as Fiscal Agent Manager. The Fiscal Agent team consists of:


·      Fiscal Agent Manager             

·      Deputy Fiscal Agent Manager   

·      Payment Specialist

·      Payment Assistant

·      Invoice Processing

·      Budget,Commitments Assistant

·      Obligations Assistant

·      IT and Oracle Admin




The Agreement between MCA-Jordan and WAJ was signed on April 11,2011.




MCA-Jordan is following the Financial Management, Disbursement Request and Reporting guidelines of MCC that can be found under the following link: